Solvang Streak

The Solvang Streak is one of our most popular events at the gathering. It’s a *fun run* for the hounds to have fun and show off how fast they still are down a fenced in straight run. Volunteers *man* both ends of the run – one end for release and the other end to catch. The crowd can stand outside the fenced in area on both sides to watch the hounds leisurely walk, trot, jog, or flat out run down the straight away. An off duty Solvang police officer officially clocks each hound’s speed with an official radar gun.

Hounds of all ages can participate as long as they are in good health. Muzzling is required if two or more hounds are run together. Italian Greyhounds and other small or non Greyhound breeds can run but must be run separately from the Greyhounds. We limit each hound to one run each to prevent injuries since they are no longer actively racing. Below are photos from past Streak events generously donated by
Steve Uyehara. His skills as a photographer are second to none! (click photos to enlarge)