Senior Spotlight

At some Greyhound gatherings, there’s a special event honoring Greyhounds that have reached a certain age, usually 10 years old or more. Honoring senior Greyhounds is probably one of the most touching parts of our event. Senior Greyhounds who are able to travel come from all over to enjoy being pampered and recognized with respect and love by ALL Greyhound owners.

Look into the eyes of a senior Greyhound and you will realize their yearning to enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes, simple things please them the most – a scritch behind the ear, a gentle kiss upon their head and the endearing nature to be near you. Although their face is turning grey and their legs are a bit wobbly sometimes, they still enjoy all of life’s treasures with the human(s) they love so.

Our senior Greyhound attendee’s can participate as much as they want or they can choose to relax and enjoy the festivities without lifting a paw. As we all know, there comes a time in life where we might not get the chance to meet or see these wonderful oldies but goodies again. So, we dedicate a part of our event to Senior Greyhounds called the Senior Spotlight.

Organizing the Senior Spotlight is Racing Home Greyhound Adoption. Jody Brown will be the contact person. Jody, joined by others, puts forth their dedication and love into this activity to crown a Senior King and Senior Queen of Solvang each year.

If you have questions about the Senior Spotlight, please contact Jody Brown.