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dr-coutoAt the 2013 Solvang Greyhound Festival, it was announced that the osteosarcoma cancer gene in greyhounds is being researched by Dr. Guillermo Couto, DVM, dipl. ACVIM, founder of the Ohio State University Greyhounds Health and Wellness Program and Dr. Carlos E. Alvarez, PhD, of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

According to Dr. Couto,

“I would not say that we have identified the Greyhound osteosarcoma gene. Rather, we have identified several candidate genome regions (each implicating one or more genes). When we claim validation in this work, we will be referring to 1) discovering candidates using genomewide genetic mapping and 2) confirming those results in a second group of dogs.”

While we don’t have Dr. Couto’s wonderful narration that accompanied his presentation slideshow, we do have a copy of the actual slideshow.

Click here to download the slideshow: OSUGHWP-Solvang-2013 (13 MB PDF document)

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