Gathering Rules

In order for the Solvang Greyhound Fest to be a successful event, there are a few rules for all to observe and follow. Everyone attending the gathering will be representing all of the Greyhound community. Please remember and note that we must leave a fantastic first impression in order to be invited back year after year! Thank you for your cooperation!
The Rules!


1. Be responsible and clean up after your dog(s)! Obey pet rules in all places of business including your motel/camping accommodations. Bring an extra sheet, pet bed or blanket for your dog(s) to lie on, extra water to wash away urine and poop bags to pick up poop! Please use an outside waste receptacle for disposal of used poop bags.


3. If you have a dog that is prone to destruction when left alone – do not leave your dog unattended! Please have someone with your dog at all times to prevent damage of any kind to property and to the dog. You will be held responsible for any and all damage done by your dog(s). If you are notified that your hound cries, barks, howls, roos or whines in your motel room while you are gone, please take your dog with you so the noise does not distract other guests. You can also make arrangements for dog sitting so your hound is not lonely while you are shopping, eating, attending an activity or conducting other business.

4. Do not allow your dog(s) to urinate on buildings, sidewalk, flowers or shrubbery. MANDATORY – Bring a spray bottle of water to wash away urine off buildings and trees, and poop bags to pick up poop.

5. Be courteous, helpful and respectful of others and their Greyhounds. Asking nicely with a smile goes a long way.

6. ALL dogs should be on a leash (with a human attached to the other end) while outside your motel accommodations. Do not let your dog off lead – period and do NOT tie your dog(s) up to anything and leave them unattended. No Flexi leashes allowed. If your Greyhound is wearing a martingale, please make sure it is secure and does not slip by using the two finger rule. All dogs must have their name and current owner info attached to their collar. YOU MUST use the special dog tag (s) that will be supplied to you indicating where you are staying with a cell phone number or other means of contacting you and attach the tag to your dog’s collar. This will prevent a lost dog without current identification in the city of Solvang.

7. Alpha dogs and all other dogs that are not comfortable around large numbers of dogs and / or people should wear a yellow ribbon. If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon please respect the dog and give them the space they need. Not all dogs enjoy being crowded or approached by strangers. If you wish to pet someone else’s dog, please ask first before doing so.

8. If you have muzzles – bring them and use them. Large groups of dogs are called packs. All dogs will behave and react differently (regardless of what everyone thinks or how well you think you know your dogs) in a pack situation. Use muzzles accordingly and have them with you at all times when you and your dog(s) are out and around large groups of dogs. Muzzles are a safety tool if used properly.

9. This is a large Greyhound gathering. While your own dogs might be considered small dog safe – other Greyhounds might not be. Therefore, we are implementing a NO SMALL DOG RULE please. Small Dogs will NOT be allowed in the vendor room, auction rooms, speaker talks or tent. No exceptions! If you bring a small dog into these areas, you will be asked to take your small dog out. This rule is purely for safety and not about discriminating against small dogs.

10. Lost dog – Everything stops and everyone looks until the dog is found – period. Do NOT chase but rather report where the dog was seen last.

11. If you plan to run two or more dogs in the Solvang Streak, they must wear a muzzle in order to run! This is a SAFETY rule and there will be no exceptions. Dogs will only be ran once during the streak.

12. While visiting with other attendee’s, vendors, Solvang shopkeepers or the general public, please remain attentive of your dog(s) and their behavior. Some dogs tire of standing for long periods of time and will need a place to lie down, get a drink or to relieve themselves.

13. If the weather is hot, please do NOT leave your dogs unattended in your vehicle. Temperatures inside a vehicle (with or without windows rolled down a little) can rise very high in just a matter of minutes and your dog come be overcome by heatstroke. It is against the law in Solvang to leave your dog(s) unattended in a motor vehicle.

14. While attending the gathering, you MUST wear your name tags at all times to be allowed into some of the activities. Name tags will be mailed to you in your registration packet prior to the event.

15. When departing, please throw your garbage and trash away in an appropriate waste receptacle. Leave your motel room clean and free of dog poop and/or pee! We can not stress this rule enough! If you leave dog feces and/or pee in your room upon checkout you will be charged additionally for the clean up! Upon your departure, please leave the town of Solvang just as it was when you arrived. We are welcome here as long as we leave a good impression of how well mannered our Greyhounds are and also of how responsible we are as dog owners. Please do not do anything that will be perceived as “shedding a bad light or negative image” on the very reason of why we gather in large numbers – the Greyhounds.

16. Please observe and obey all laws in and around Solvang, California. It’s the right thing to do and the responsible thing to do.

If we do not follow all of the rules, everyone will be in deep doo doo and sadly, the Greyhounds will be left without a gathering place!