Greyhound owners are always ready to gather in large numbers to show their love and support for Greyhounds, to enjoy the company of others who share the same compassion and to show others how wonderful Greyhounds as pets can be. After all, it is the Greyhounds that bring us together and naturally this event is all about the Greyhounds!

There are many Greyhound gatherings located on the east coast and in the Midwest of the United States. However, Greyhound lovers on the west coast of the United States often found it difficult to travel such a long distance to enjoy the company and gatherings with other Greyhound lovers. They wanted a place closer to home to celebrate Greyhounds. That’s when the West Coast Greyhound Gathering now known as the Solvang Greyhound Fest was born!

The West Coast Greyhound Gathering site needed to be very Greyhound friendly with a small town atmosphere but with plenty of other activities for visitors to partake in other than Greyhound related activities. Solvang, California fit the bill with comfortable weather, friendly small town atmosphere and plenty of activities to enjoy – not to mention that the whole town is excited (right down to the Mayor, shop keepers and inn keepers) about the Greyhounds coming, too!

We are excited to hold the gathering in Solvang and we hope everyone enjoys their time as well! Proceeds raised from the Solvang Greyhound Fest will go to benefit GREYTLEGS, a support group to aid various groups with broken leg veterinarian bills through grants.
It’s all about the Greyhounds in every way!