Darren Rigg – 2016 Keynote Speaker

Cover Dog Fancy March 2015We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker for the West Coast Greyhound Gathering 2016, GAC founder Darren Rigg. More speaking engagement details to follow…

The founder and president of Greyhound Adoption Center (GAC), Darren Rigg was named one of the 45 People Who Changed the Dog World in the March 2015 issue of Dog Fancy magazine. The editors cited “those who have made lasting contributions to dogs and dog lovers.”

Darren was included in a list of prominent veterinarians, scientists, trainers and animal welfare pioneers who have contributed to revolutionary changes in how we care for dogs and who “have made a real difference.”Darren Rigg with Jopeck

The Greyhound Adoption Center is one of the largest rescue organizations for retired racing Greyhounds. The non-profit has rescued about 6,000 Greyhounds and Greyhound mixes to date.

2015 Solvang Gathering Photo Gallery

Crackerdog Photography Many of you likely noticed our event photographer Steve Uyehara just about everywhere something was happening. If you were at the Streak, you couldn’t miss him sitting directly in the line of fire daring any greyhound to run him over. Not only did he survive, but he managed to get some really nice photos, not only of the Streak but also a lot more at the various events.

All of Steve’s work is available for viewing and purchase at his 2015 Solvang Gallery pages. Follow the link below to the gallery, and if you decide to purchase one or more of his prints mention coupon code “solvang15” to get 10% off any order. And do share this news with your friends!

2015 West Coast Greyhound Gathering Photosby Steve Uyehara

True Blue at Wheeling

  • carl_solvang_2013Carl Kruzan (foreground) Solvang 2013
    (click to enlarge)

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    • The dates are set for next years West Coast Greyhound Gathering,
    Feb. 19-21, 2016.
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  • Solvang Greyhound Fest Committee

    Solvang Greyhound Fest Committee
    Left to right: Linda Weller, Will Weller, Jody Brown, Dana Provost, Teri Rogo, Duke Cannon, Joanne Ardizzone, Polly Gehr, Dave Gehr, Tiffany Brown(not pictured)
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    Hounds of Solvang The Hounds of Solvang! (click to enlarge)

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